Best Dads Around The World

A cute father and daughter who shares their dinner.

Now let’s not get our competitive spirits out there, i’m pretty sure every father of our readers deserve that “best dad” title right? As you know yesterday were Father’s Day which celebrated with great joy around the world. It may be a little late but please let me congratulate you having a great dad! And for some of us (including me) who have don’t have their fathers at their side i can only wish steadfastness i’m pretty sure your guardian angel still watching you somewhere out there.

So, actually this post designed to be posted at yesterday (well. duh.) but due to my sickness (that was a close call y’know i got flu!) couldn’t posted as i desired. So anyway! i hope you guys have a great day and once again happy late father’s day!


So my daugher can’t go out because of some “rain” no problem, let me became a swing for you!

Written by haydutkedi


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